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Are Infrared Saunas safe?

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Infrared Sauna SafeyAre Infrared Saunas safe?

In a word… Yes. Absolutely.

By using a little common sense… and… by following the simple guidelines below — you’ll be far out of dangers way when using your FIR sauna.

First, I must tell you upfront, I am not a doctor. However, I do believe, without a doubt, they ARE very beneficial for many reasons.

It is best, for your own safety, to consult a doctor just to be on the safe side. In fact, I would recommend you consult a doctor that specializes in “sauna therapy”.

A specialist will be able to go over your medical history in detail — best leading you to the positive results you’re seeking.

Having said that, in my opinion not only are they safe… They’re actually much safer than traditional saunas that use water and heated stones.

There are a few reasons for this:

1) Traditional and heated stone saunas – heat not only your body… but… they also heat the air inside the space of the sauna.

This makes it much harder for even perfectly healthy users to breathe.

But, better quality far infrared saunas use special heaters. These special heaters directly heat your body while keeping the space inside much cooler. So you get more benefits at a much lower sauna temperature.

Traditional saunas are generally heated to 160-220 deg F to get the desired body heating and sweating effect. Far saunas will give you the same benefits (and more) at a much lower temperature. Around 100-130 deg F.

Only about 20% of the energy from the infrared rays, heat up the air inside the unit. The rest of the energy carried by these waves travels through the air until they meet a direct object. Then the direct energy penetrates and heats the object at a much deeper level.

Of course, the direct object in this case is you!

Once again, this all means you get more penetrated benefits… without… enduring such a high temperature.

So if you have breathing problems such as asthma, emphysema, shortness of breathe, etc…
this is a huge benefit to you.

Even if you don’t have any breathing problems the penetrating benefits of absorbing up to 93% of the heat is a major benefit. When this absorbing power occurs, it can reach 2 inches deep inside your body!

Imagine… Accessing all the sun’s healing rays on a daily basis without any of the dangers!

2) Infrared sauna heat is not ultraviolet radiation. It simply takes the best qualities of direct sunlight (that we desperately need) and bottles it in such a way that is harmless to us.

After all, more than 2 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer annually. Now that’s scary. And, about 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Overwhelming evidence shows, too much sun exposure can kill you!

Because of this you would be wise to think far infrared saunas pose the same threat. Thankfully this is not the case. They are  proven to be totally harmless to us humans.

Consider this…

Hospitals use them to heat premature babies in hospital incubators.

NASA uses infrared heat to keep astronauts warm.

More than 800 fire-fighters that were poisoned at the World Trade Center 911 disaster site, have been successfully detoxified through an Infrared Sauna program in New York City.

Drug raid officers sometimes unwillingly inhale methamphetamine fumes during meth lab raids. Sweat detoxification programs (such as Infrared Saunas) exist to help get this harmful chemical out of their system.

The drug is forced out of their fat storage – pushed into their bloodstream – then simply exits through their sweat pores.

If it’s safe enough for babies – astronauts – fire fighters – police officers and millions of others…
it’s certainly safe enough for you and me!

Also, accidental burns are much less common…

3) Burns are mostly a problem for traditional and stoned heated saunas. Where the heat source stands more-or-less exposed in the sauna room. This is simply not the case with FIR saunas that use carbon fiber panels. They are warm to the touch but will not burn you like stumbling across a scolding hot stone.

Here are a few more guidelines to keep you safe…

How long should you sit in an infrared sauna?

A good rule of thumb is 30 to 40 minutes. Some experienced users stay in much longer but, thirty minutes is a good measure. If you’re just starting out you should take your time and work up to a 1/2 hour. And, if you ever feel uncomfortable for any reason, leave your unit and cool down immediately. You can always return to it again a bit later.

The easy and safe way to clean the inside of your Infrared Sauna…

This is actually a major benefit of owning this technology – the clean up is a snap!

NEVER use any chemical cleaners inside. They will put out a toxic gas. This can be very harmful to you. Instead, simply take e a damp cloth to wipe down the walls, bench, and any other sweat. As an extra-easy-clean-up-bonus – lay a towel down over the bench to soak up sweat during your sauna session.

One more HUGE benefit of owning one of these over traditional-type saunas is the “sanitary” factor. You will not cultivate and spread harmful bacteria because there will be much less humidity in the air. Humidity is a huge bacteria carrier.

No jewelry allowed!

Always remove all jewelry because metal absorbs heat. As a result you’re jewelry may become very hot and uncomfortable.

Full or empty stomach?

A good rule of thumb is to never enter immediately after a meal. Instead wait a couple of hours. You should also not enter  on an empty stomach.

Dehydration and improper fluid replacement – this is a biggie…

Drink – drink – drink… water and electrolyte replacement beverages before, during, and after use. You should drink half a cup every 10 to 15 minutes.

Never drink alcohol before or during sauna use… and… avoid sodas and sugary drinks as well.

You will be depleting your body reserve of one or more minerals and electrolytes. As you run toxins out of your system, you have to refuel and replenish it with a fresh supply of nourishment.

If your nutrition and hydration are complete, you’re not likely to create a mineral or electrolyte deficiency. It’s that simple.

Just remember to have a quick talk with your doctor… especially one who specializes in “sauna therapy”. Even if you would happen to have certain health conditions – you will still most likely be able to enjoy daily sessions.

The Biggest Differences Between Far Infrared & Traditional Saunas

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In order to be sure that you are making the most out of your therapy and to give yourself some good old fashioned rest and relaxation, you should consider investing in an infrared sauna.

Why? They have a number of differences that make them superior over Finnish saunas.

One of the best reasons that infrared saunas are excellent is that because they will help you get rid of harmful toxins that can completely destroy your health and well being.

Release Harful Toxins With The Fir Sauna

Release Harmful Toxins With The Fir Sauna

We all take in toxins on a daily basis, so you need to be certain that you are vigilant about sweating them out and purifying your body. While all saunas will make you sweat, studies have shown that you sweat out more toxins with a fir sauna.

This in turn means that your body will continuously excrete more toxins and make you healthier. Toxins have also been shown to cause disease and make you feel tired and drained all the time.

It’s that critical to get them out of your system frequently.

Another major difference  is that far saunas are more comfortable to be in. On a regular basis, the temperatures will be between 20 and 60° lower than it would be in a traditional sauna.

This means that you can stay in for longer sessions without it becoming unbearable. This also helps a great deal with people who have breathing problems.

Another excellent benefit of an infrared sauna is that it is known for helping people with blood pressure issues. So if you are stressed out and in need of time to unwind, daily sessions in this awesome technology will work wonders for your life.

You will be able to release tension and loosen up your muscles in no time flat!

People who regularly get sick will also enjoy utilizing this technology because they are known for helping people get over colds and flu’s.

So while you’re getting rid of toxins in your body, you will also be able to sweat out the sickness. This is absolutely great for your immune system.

Here’s a few more big differences…

  • Traditional saunas are more expensive to run.
  • They are much harder to install
  • You can’t move them easily once they are set up
  • You’ll find cleaning is harder because they tend to have more bacteria

As you can see by this short article the far infrared sauna is much better all around. But the biggest difference of all is the fact that the heat from traditional saunas are not at all capable of penetrating into your body.

It’s all on the surface. Therefore, they simply don’t pass along all the health benefits to you. where a far infrared sauna can and will penetrate into you. Your muscles, tissues, joints, fat cells, and much more.

This, at the end of the day is the biggest difference.

A Few Of The Main Benefits When Utilizing Far Infrared Saunas

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Relax in an infrared saunaSaunas have always been associated with relaxation while sitting in a rather hot small wooden change, or that is at least the traditional form of a sauna. The method traditional saunas utilized to maintain a warm temperature was by splashing water on hot stones.

The steam was contained in the wooden container and acted as a ‘pore cleansing’ form of relaxation.

Due to advanced technology in almost all areas of life, contemporary society has changed the style and operation of saunas.

The modern sauna, also known as an infrared sauna, surrounds the container with infrared heat panels which utilizes electricity to provide the desired heat. These infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular due to the fact they are more effective at warming a person’s core; however, this is not the only benefit.

This article will provide information on the advantages of an infrared sauna.

Weight Loss

In a society that promotes processed food and sedentary lifestyles, it is essential that people make a concerted effort to maintain a healthy weight. This can be difficult because of ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle options being far more convenient than healthier ones; however, it is not impossible to find a balanced lifestyle for even the most sedentary of people.

A very important advantage to infrared sauna usage is weight loss. Research has indicated that body fat will become water-soluble at a temperature of 100 Fahrenheit and must be removed before it dissolves and enters the bloodstream. To avoid this situation, the body will remove the water-soluble fat through sweat which will lead to weight loss.

Many people find that they are unable to lose weight despite completing weight loss programs, and this may be due to chemical toxicity. The heat from an infrared sauna will act as a pore cleanser, which will remove the toxins naturally and burn calories without having to complete exercise.

Think of this like a one-two punch!

Cardiovascular Benefits

Infrared saunas have been known to strengthen an individual’s cardiovascular by increasing the heart rate.Cardiovascular Benefits The heat in a sauna will promote blood circulation throughout the body and enhance effective cardiac output. While this is a beneficial factor to saunas, it should be noted that individuals with hypertension and cardiac ailments should avoid longer sessions. It may be a means of strengthening cardiac functioning, but this may cause complications if the individual has co-morbid illnesses or is taking specific medication.

So be sure to consult your doctor.

Strengthening Your Immune System

Research has indicated that infrared saunas are able to increase the strength of an immune system.

This is done by stimulating production of white blood cells in the bone marrow; as well as an increase in effective T-cells by the thymus. This increase in production of cells will enhance a body’s ability to fight off infections and medical ailments.

Of course, some individuals may experience a fever when using this type of sauna, but that is completely natural and can have positive overall effects.

A fever is a natural healing response as the function of your immune system is increased when fighting a fever. This leads to the removal of invading infections and will remove the ailment before the symptoms are at a peak; for example, individuals who have a cold will benefit from a sauna during the early stages.

While there are more benefits we will be discussing – this will give you a better idea of just how important this technology is.

3 Of The Best Infrared Saunas For The Money

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Best Infrared Saunas

Best Infrared Saunas

If you wish to purchase and assemble an infrared sauna in your home, or if you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current one, then you are in the right place.

With so many different options available, making the right choice can be hard. This article is a review of the top three infrared saunas for the money and will provide a good starting point for your search.

1. Vital Health Saunas – One Person Far Infrared Sauna:

This amazing one-person sauna comes loaded with the benefits of larger models but takes up much less space and is great for a one user or a household that is willing to alternate turns.

While I recommend that if you have room, you should definitely consider a bigger model, this one will do just fine if space is an issue.

The sauna comes with multiple carbon fiber far infrared heaters. It features an easy snap together construction making  set up a cinch. And, a see through door with special safety glass for high temperatures.

It comes with dual wall insulation to lock moisture in the interior and out of the rest of your home. It also features a digital control for temperature and duration adjustment as well as LED lighting.

Like their other models – these far saunas are unique. They are the only saunas on the market to offer Magnetic Flux Therapy.

2. Vital Health Saunas – Two Person Far Infrared Sauna:

This sauna is a wonderful option for those that want a sauna that both looks amazing and is easy to set up. It also has a wide range of features available.

While I’m thinking about it, I found this great video on infrared sauna assembly. This expert Glen Porter is actually assembling a 2 person Vital Health Sauna:

The sauna comes with even more carbon fiber far infrared heaters. These heaters are positioned to penetrate you from all directions.

All of the components are ETL approved and UL listed and the whole sauna comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

It also features a built in AUX control  and 2 high end speakers so that you can play the kind of music you prefer while relaxing. It has a digital control to help you control temperature and duration.

3. Vital Health Saunas – Three – Four – Even Five Person Far Infrared Saunas:

These come with everything that the smaller units come with except they are bigger. You can choose from two models with any size…

Elite Model: Made from Red Cedar
Premier Model: Made from Hemlock

Both wood types are the best you can get for construction. However, the Elite (Red Cedar) will cost you a bit more.

Also, this company has a BBB rating of A+ for the last 7 years! Which is really good. You can do more research on this company and see they are very well priced and have many positive customer testimonials. They also offer free shipping in the U.S.

I should also add their heaters are some of the lowest EMF levels in the industry.

If you are in the market for an infrared sauna I would be sure to check them out.